Blogs from May 2013

  • Concerned About Chicken Skin?

    Have you got dry spots on your skin that feel like sandpaper? Are some of them red and raised? Are they mostly on the back of your legs, and arms? It sounds like you may be suffering from keratosis pilaris, which is known in its more common sense as chicken skin.... read more

  • Obama Says Yes to Tattoos

    We all do 'crazy' things in our youth and although saying yes gets you into a lot of great situations, occasionally some of the consequences aren't so great when they’re still resonating years later.... read more

  • Selling Your Safety Isn't Worth The Price

    Everyday millions of people round the world receive emails from different voucher companies such as Groupon, TravelZoo and Wowcher. This craze hit many people a number of years ago, when an inbox full of tempting deals made it difficult to refuse great value deals. Despite the popularity of these sites, some of them have met controversy over just how good the service is that they deliver.... read more

  • Wedding Season Approaching

    Everyone loves a good wedding, so if you're getting married or just attending one this summer you might want to start getting into shape and think about adopting a special wedding beauty regime. Here at sk:n we have a few pointers to help you get wedding day beautiful.... read more

  • How to Avoid Fake Tanning Faux Pas

    As the summer approaches we notice all the shops slashing their self tan prices, in the hope of attracting the many of us that have been starved of sunlight throughout the winter. If done correctly and applied properly fake tan can look amazing, but if you slip up the overall results can look disastrous.... read more

  • Chelsea Flower Show, Powers of Flowers

    Last week we saw the Chelsea Flower Show which had us all very excited about the many beautiful flowers and weird and wonderful sculptures on display in the gardens. We've already briefly touched on the benefits that flowers and their natural extracts can have on our skin, but this week we're interested in the benefits of rosehip oil on the effects of sun damage.... read more

  • Skin Mites Responsible for Rosacea

    Yes it MIGHT be true that skin mites are responsible for the popular skin condition Rosacea. The skin condition that tends to become more prominent for sufferers in the summer time can leave sufferers self conscious and confined to the indoors.... read more

  • What are the Benefits of Laser Resurfacing

    Let's face it we know that life can sometimes be rather stressful. If you've previously suffered from breakouts on your face for whatever reason, knowing that acne scarring might soon follow can stress you out even more. This is where laser resurfacing can help as it provides the perfect answer to laser treatment for acne scarring and discolouration.... read more

  • Stay Hair-free During Festival Season

    If you know that your legs and armpits will be on show, keeping them smooth and free of unwanted hair is something that isn't always easy to do, especially when there's limited access to showers. If you're a shaver, you may or may not already know that camping and razors simply just don't go together.... read more

  • What's The Difference between Varicose and Thread Veins

    Are you among the 89% of people who can't recognise the difference between varicose veins and thread veins? The easiest way to tell them apart is through their obvious difference in appearances.... read more

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