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Where did hair removal fixation stem from?

6th March 2013

Where did this obsession to remove all of our body hair come from? Nature intended us to be covered in hair to keep us warm and protected, but over time due to pressures from society and the media we are constantly striving to be hair free.

What we really want to know here at sk:n clinics is where this all started from?

History of Hair Removal

Before modern times a person's lack of hair was an important aspect of status and social position. In Egypt men and women removed all the hair from their bodies except their eyebrows and chose to wear wigs instead. Similarly, hair removal was common during the middle ages where women would often pluck and shave every hair on their eyebrows or necks. This led to the popular trend of women having high clear foreheads as documented most famously by Queen Elizabeth. We can therefore conclude that hair removal is not new to us in modern society and has always been a major concern for our appearance.

Pressure of Media

The circulation of magazines like Harper's Bazaar presented us with neatly shaved under arms and legs as being the new definition of beauty. The hundreds of magazines with front cover slogans like silky smooth summer skin encourage us to achieve this look and pursue hair removal methods. But our dedication to being totally hair free is still very much a Western way of thinking. In some of the European countries like Spain and Greece hair removal for women isn't such an important priority as they openly embrace their body hair. It's therefore not surprising that laser hair removal technology originated in America.

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