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What our face tells us about our insides?

24th March 2013

Face mapping is a popular homeopathic approach based on the principle that your skin reflects your internal health. Your face is split into zones with each zone representing a different part of your body.

Face mapping was first discussed in the popular book by nutritionist Gillian McKeith, who believed that if you understand how to look after your body internally, then this should reflect positively on your skin and help you get rid of spots. Below is a list of the different zones the face is mapped out into and their significance.

The Forehead

The forehead is linked to the bladder and digestion system. The recommended treatment for spots in this area is to drink more water and eat more whole foods.

Between the Eyebrows

The area in between your eyebrows is linked to your liver. This area could mean you have a food allergy, or that you need to cut back on heavy food and alcohol.

The Ears

This is the area around your ears. If you have skin problems here it could mean that you have a problem with your kidneys, so make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated with lots of water.

The Cheeks

This area on the cheeks is linked to the respiratory system. For those of you who have spots here it may be due to smoking or that you suffer from acne. If you want to check out how we can help you with acne treatments then simply click here.

The Jawline

This area is around the jawline and linked to your hormones, which means stress and lifestyle changes, including your hormones (including ovulation) are particularly prone to effecting break outs in this area.

The Neck

Breakouts around the neck area suggest that your body is fighting an illness. It is important to rest and drink lots of fluids.

Whilst face mapping can help you to gain an understanding as to what is going on in your body, making changes when your skin is already damaged by acne and other skin problems, can be a tricky process. This is why we suggest that in the meantime, while you may not have time to immediately adopt clean living, that you visit a dermatologist at one of our sk:n clinics. We have a range of skin peels that will not only remove the dead skin cells, but will also help to treat acne with noticeable results.

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