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What makes people sweat more than others

22nd March 2013

Everybody reacts in different ways to the effects of their surroundings and daily activities which is one of the reasons why some people sweat more excessively than others.

What Causes Me To Sweat Too Much?

Excessive sweating can leave you self-conscious and constantly worrying about the appearance of sweat patches. The cause of hyperhidrosis hasn't yet been discovered, but it's thought that nervousness or excitement can also exacerbate the situation. On top of this food, drink and neurological and physical problems can also cause hyperdrosis.

How Can sk:n Help?

If excessive sweating is getting you down and becoming a constant embarrassment, we want to put an end to your worries and help you feel fresh and dry. The experts at our sk:n clinics offer a virtually pain free treatment whereby Botox is injected into the skin, and enters the sweat glands. This in turn eliminates the nerve impulses that are the major cause in producing excessive sweat. We advise that the treatment is repeated every three months, for the best results to ensure you stay dry. Book a consultation with a skin expert now and feel confident to raise your arms in celebration.

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