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What does your tattoo say about you?

1st March 2013

Over the years tattoos have developed an association with certain types of people and social behaviour.

For example teardrop tattoos under the eye, documented by famous rappers like Lil Wayne are supposed to symbolise the assassination of another. Each teardrop tattoo is then a badge of honour and visual proof of how many people a person has killed. It stemmed from an old Russian custom, where those in prison would receive a tattoo if they committed certain offences. Yet over time this has then be been perverted by gangster rappers.

Chinese Tattoos

Not as popular now as they have been, we all went through a phase of wanting Chinese tattoos and their beautiful calligraphy, inked all over our bodies. In most cases it was a message or name close to our hearts encrypted so it was on display but only you knew the significance. When going abroad especially and asking for certain words to be translated and tattooed, many people started to discover that they had actually been conned and had an entirely different word inked onto their bodies. If you're reading this and starting to worry that there might have been a reason you got such a great deal when you got your latest tattoo in Thailand then don't fear. Tattoo removal is quick and simple and the best way to remove an unwanted tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoos

Getting a butterfly tattoo on your shoulder blade was a hot trend for many young girls in the 1990's. Cheryl Cole was one of many celebrities who had this popular tattoo on full display during the early days of Girls Aloud. However, just like fashion trends and the hairstyles of the 1990's the infamous butterfly tattoo on the shoulder blade just simply isn't classed as cool or cutting edge any more. Even Cheryl had her old tattoo enhanced and revamped recently in the hope to make it more fashionable.

Swallow Tattoos

As soon as we saw Sienna Miller pictured with her swallow tattoo on the front cover of ELLE back in 2011 we all wanted one. Girls and boys in their hundreds queued up for swallow tattoos and soon they became very popular. But for many of us tattoos are personal, and so the minute it begins trending we want something different, something unique. As attractive and exciting as getting a tattoo may be, the sad story seems to be that they simply don't last forever in the rapidly changing world of fashion. So don't put up with a tattoo that you feel is holding you back, come in to a sk:n Clinic near you and see how our laser treatment can help.

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