What causes Keloid scarring?

28th March 2013

Keloid scars are quite common and usually appear when the body's tissue over heals itself.

"The scar is usually an overgrown scar that can spread outside the original area of skin damage" says Indy Rihal of the British Skin Foundation. The body produces collagen which gathers around the wound building up to protect it and seal over.

However, one of the main concerns amongst those suffering with keloid scars is that they continue grow after the wound has developed. These scars can invade the surrounding healthy skin around the wound and only affect about 10-15% of all injuries. Hairless and shiny in appearance the scars can still leave you feeling self-conscious and eager to seek removal.

How Do They Develop?

Keloid scars can develop after minor injuries such as burns or infected wounds. They can also be a product of acne scarring, so if you're worried about what you suspect to be a skin tag, acne scar or another strange mark then simply pop into one of our clinics for a consultation. So don’t spend your time Googling and trying to decipher what that strange mark is and leave it up to the experts.

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