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Three movies with unbelievable scenes about hair removal

2nd March 2013

We all remember the infamous comedy scene from Miss Congeniality where we see Sandra Bullock undergoing an intense makeover. For those that didn't, we see the tomboy undercover agent Gracie Hart transform into a beauty pageant queen.

The dramatic process involves a lot of hair removal treatments. Poor Gracie has her moustache and legs waxed while emitting strange yelping sounds of pain during the process. Considering that the movie was filmed way back in 2000 we can't blame them for not using the wonderful ways of laser hair removal.

White Chicks

White Chicks is not only thoroughly entertaining but it changed the way we felt about Vanessa Carlton's Thousand Miles song. In the film we saw two FBI agents and brothers go under cover with an unconvincing yet hilarious portrayal of two white females. In the process of the transformation the two men have to endure cheap hair removal in order to pass as females. Clumsily fumbling around with waxing strips and razors it doesn't look like they proved particularly innovative when it came to hair removal.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

If you type 40 Year Old Year Old Virgin into Google search you are instantly provided with many sources documenting the infamous hair removal scene. The intense scene where the lead character Andy has his chest hair removed required five cameras for the shoot, and actor Steve Carell's chest hair was actually ripped out in the scene. If we needed any better footage to put us off waxing indefinitely this scene would do the job.

So if you don't want to fumble around and yelp out pain like they do in the movies then check out the latest technology in hair removal with laser hair removal treatments. For a consultation with one of our friendly dermatologists simply click here.

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