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The five biggest facial hair blunders

5th March 2013

Facial hair can be attractive and creative in the making of a man’s appearance.

However, with a poor error or judgement it can also achieve negative results. We’ve seen many male celebrities try out new facial hair trends of late, especially with a month of award ceremonies. Here at sk:n clinics we’ve picked out some of the worst male facial hair blunders of all time. Do any of them sound familiar?

1. Jonathon Ross

The nation’s favourite and famous Friday night talk show host Jonathon Ross has been on our screens for over a decade. For most of this time he has seemed relatively tame with regards to his facial hair but in the last few years he has started experimenting by growing out his hair and donning a beard. The Laughing Cavalier as he has been referred too hasn’t received positive feedback from the media over his choice of facial hair but Ross doesn’t seem to care.

2. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has displayed quite an array of different facial hairstyle on the red carpets. From the trimmed and tidy to the wild and unkempt he is one of the most daring when it comes to trying out new trends with his facial hair. Some of Brad’s wilder looks have received criticism from the media of looking homeless and dishevelled, with his face hidden in masses of bushy hair.

3. Simon Le Bon

Simon Le Bon’s committed a horrendous facial hair blunder the other week. When attending David Gandy’s party the Duran Duran front man turned up with a huge handlebar ringmaster moustache. The media had a field day posting pictures of Le Bon posted next to images of Poirot and making several Movember jokes. Le Bon’s wife and daughter Amber clearly loved the look, posing in photos with him.

4. Billy Connolly

Funny man and Scottish comedian Billy Connolly’s is always playing about with his trademark facial hair, recently dying it purple. It’s fair to say that without Connolly’s facial hair he would be barely recognisable.

5. Jim Carrey

Our favourite and outrageous actor Jim Carrey grew his beard and hair out for his role as Curly in the film the Three Stooges. Having never really been seen out in public with a beard before, the mass of hair that took over Carrey’s lower face caused quite a stir.

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