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The effects of antibiotics on your skin

18th March 2013

When we struggle with long-term skin problems our doctors often recommend a course of antibiotics.

The most common tablets prescribed to treat acne are Lymecycline or Tetracycline as this inhibits the spread of bacteria that can lead to spots. A lot of us are desperately searching for an acne cure and antibiotics are often a popular solution. Unfortunately, being on antibiotics for a long period of time isn’t always healthy and can lower our immune system. Here at sk:n clinics we’ve had a look at a few of the side effects of antibiotics on our skin.

Dietary Requirements

Most antibiotics specifically require certain dietary requirements. Often they have to be taken on an empty stomach which isn’t always practical if you eat regularly and have to take them throughout the day. Others require you to avoid fizzy drinks or alcohol during the course of your treatment. Ignoring these dietary requirements can lead to horrendous side effects like crippling stomach pains and dizziness.

Conflict with Other Medicines

Taking antibiotics alongside other medications isn’t always possible. For example, some antibiotics prescribed for acne conflict with contraceptive pills and cannot be taken together. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the intake of regular painkillers and read whether it’s safe to take them alongside other medication.

Not Healthy Long-term

Being on antibiotics for a short period of time may be a solution to solving your acne, but long-term isn’t always in the best interests of our health. In tackling the spread of harsh bacteria that produces spots, we can also be weakening our immune system. It can also damage our stomach lining as it’s important to keep healthy bacteria in our gut.

Ultimately, although antibiotics can be helpful in preventing acne, it’s usually a last resort and there are many safer alternatives that won’t interfere with the above-mentioned. sk:n clinics offer a laser acne treatment that can safely help combat the scars and appearance of acne on your face. Simply click here for a consultation from one of our expert dermatologists.

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