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That daily cup of coffee could be ageing your skin

15th March 2013

Some of you might be familiar with waking up and feeling you 'need' that cup of coffee to start the day.

You might continue to drink coffee in work and for some of you, continue until late evening with an after dinner espresso. But it's important we address the negative effects that too much caffeine can cause on our bodies, but in particular the effect on our skin.


As coffee is a diuretic, coffee dehydrates our body and this causes us to need the toilet more often and dry out our skin.


Although there isn't a direct link between acne and coffee consumption we are aware that putting a lot of strong chemicals into our body, like caffeine can make bad skin worse.

Less Sleep:

The effect of caffeine keeps you awake and can lead to regular insomnia, which can show on your skin and you may develop bags under your eyes.


The ingredient tannin that features so strongly in coffee blocks the pores or cells, preventing them from receiving nutrients provided by food, making your skin appear dull.

How Can sk:n Clinics Help You?

If you don’t want to give up coffee just yet, then sk:n clinics offer the best skin care treatments for those who need to overcome their dull complexion. The best skin care option for excessive coffee drinkers are rejuvenation treatments. One type of skin rejuvenation treatment is microdermabrasion, and it works by removing dead or tired skin cells, encouraging the skin to revitalise and become stronger and healthier. The other popular treatment is Juvederm and it works by injecting natural substances that allow the skin to grow fuller and plumper.

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