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Struggling with the after effects of St Patrick's Day?

11th March 2013

Many of us enjoy drinking with friends and family, be it after work, at weekends, over dinner or to celebrate events such as St Patrick’s Day.

The 17th of March is the Irish feast day Saint Patrick’s and the most celebrated feast day in the UK. Celebrated in bars, pubs and clubs across the UK, many of us are likely to be wearing green, drink Guinness and take advantage of our distant Irish heritage. In London for instance, we saw a ‘Paddy’s Parade’ in Piccadilly, which included floats, marching bands, Irish food, comedy and of course drinking.

Now the fun of the weekend is over and we are left with the horrendous after effects. We all know the effects that drinking can have on our bodies internally, but have you considered what alcohol could be doing to your skin? You want to look good especially when you go out, so make sure that you’re not ruining your skin by excessive drinking and neglect.

As most of us know, water helps to moisturise our skin and staying properly hydrated can help us to feel brighter and younger. However, did you know that alcohol has the opposite effect? Drinking alcohol is likely to dehydrate you and deplete your skin of vital skin nutrients, making your skin appear dull. In this situation makeup can be a quick short-term fix, but if you really want to brighten up your skin then skin rejuvenation treatments can liven up even the most tired complexion.

sk:n clinics can offer the right treatment for you to help achieve the young and healthy skin you desire, just in time for Easter. Facial rejuvenation can also help with age spots, wrinkles, crow’s feet, moles uneven pigmentation and even acne, leaving you looking glowing. The treatment you choose will depend on the results you wish to achieve and the damage to your skin. You can choose from chemical peels, microdermabrasion or precision laser. These treatments encourage the skin to become stronger, healthier and more revitalised.

Combine drinking lots of water with rejuvenation treatments and you’ll feel and look a lot healthier in no time. Head to your local sk:n clinic today for a free consultation with one of our expert dermatologists.

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