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Stricter regulations for laser hair removal

20th March 2013

If anyone saw Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies last Wednesday then you’ll remember the poor guy who was suffering with excessive hair growth all over his upper body.

To anyone who had previously asked ‘does laser hair removal work?’ then last night’s episode should be a reassurance in the success rate of the procedure. Thankfully Embarrassing Bodies recommended him to our sk:n clinic in Harley Street to undergo a series of laser hair removal treatments.

The expert doctors on Embarrassing Bodies and our expert dermatologists are clearly well experienced and educated within the practice of carrying out laser hair removal treatments. However, there has been increasing speculation in the media around those who claim they are trained and qualified to carry out the procedure but lack the credentials. Unfortunately, it’s these untrained professionals that are giving laser hair removal a bad name. If the wrong equipment is used or the settings for the client’s hair aren’t taking into account then laser hair removal side effects can involve scarring.

Last summer the BBC announced that stricter regulations be brought in for laser hair removal. At the end of last year a government-backed regulator, the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services announced its initiative to launch a register with a quality assurance label, indicating which clinics and salons were safe to carry out the treatment. Thankfully, sk:n clinics is a clinic you can trust, with many credentials reassuring you that you’re in the safest hands when it comes to your skin.

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