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LoveHate social club, mixing alcohol with tattoos

7th March 2013

Tattoo artist Ami James and original Fun Loving Criminal Huey Morgan launched the opening of their original American Tattoo parlour Miami Ink in Notting Hill in November last year. The quirky and exciting venue named Love Hate Social Club is based on the LoveHate Wooster Street Social Club in New York and caters to London's alternative scene.

The Love Hate Social Club incorporates live music DJ sets and a club atmosphere with a tattoo parlour. During the launch party last November customers enjoyed stacks of free beer, loud music and piled into the street drinking. It's debateable whether the residents of Notting Hill are embracing the opening of such a controversial place on their doorstep, but since the opening the club has enjoyed many visitors.

What we're concerned about here at sk:n clinics is the safety of mixing alcohol with tattoos. How many of us have rushed into getting a tattoo on a boozy holiday and then instantly regretted it once sobriety kicks in? Surely the decision to mark your body indefinitely should be made without the intoxication of alcohol and in a clear mind. In a club environment it's questionable whether you'd feel at ease and trust your tattoo artist, no matter how much experience they had behind them.

The hypothetical situations for such a set up are never ending and many could end in laser tattoo removal. If you've made a bad decision in the past or are thinking about tattoo removal then come in for a consultation, where one of our expert dermatologists can help assist you.

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