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Is Kate Middleton having a baby girl?

13rd March 2013

After the slip announcement of the royal baby's gender last week, you've probably heard the rumour that Kate Middleton could be having a girl.

Of course, the rumours won't be confirmed until she gives birth, but we hope that she continues to have a safe pregnancy, and we hope it's a healthy and happy addition to the royal family.

In the months leading up to the baby's birth, expectant women like Kate still want to look and feel their best. One of the areas that can take a hit when you're pregnant is your skin. Despite often referring to pregnant women as ‘glowing’, if you're unlucky, pregnancy can play havoc with your skin. When you are pregnant your body increases its blood volume so it can provide blood for the baby growing inside of you. However, in turn this combined with high levels of hormones can also cause your sebaceous glands to release more oil, which leads to acne. The effects of pregnancy can make your skin drier and cause acne.

It's important during pregnancy that you are careful what you put inside and use on your body. Often many over the counter acne treatments aren't always recommended and you need to be careful how you treat your acne at this time.

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