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Is being overweight damaging your skin?

17th March 2013

Research informs us that the gene named FTO that's linked to overeating may also be linked to the risk of malignant melanomas.

Malignant melanomas are one to watch as they are the fifth most common cancer in the UK with as many as 12,800 new cases cropping up each year.

We are all aware that having an unhealthy BMI can increase our risk of type 2 diabetes and cancerous growths. However, recent research from the University of Leeds suggests that a gene named the FTO effects more than appetite and metabolism and can be linked to disease and melanoma. A Doctor from the University comments on the discovery as “this reveals a hot new lead for research into both obesity-related illnesses and skin cancer."

This highlights that even the experts know very little about this FTO gene and to study it in more detail would help us understand more behind the molecules driving skin cancer. This aside we can't stress enough just how important it is to stay safe in the sun and keep an eye on unusual looking or developing moles. If you are worried about the appearance of any of your moles it's important that you seek the help and advice of an expert dermatologist or doctor. Here at sk:n clinics we offer laser mole removal, which can be the best way of keeping your skin safe and preventing the problem from spreading.

If you've recently discovered an unusual looking mole and are worried about its nature then simply pop into one of our nearby clinics and one of our friendly dermatologists will be more than happy to help you.

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