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How to get rid of spots

8th March 2013

Recently we've enjoyed the slightly warmer temperatures and later nights.

Walking out of work and still being able to see the daylight is one of the sure signs that spring is on its way. With a change in the season many of us experience minor changes in our skin.

Being incredibly receptive to our surroundings our skin works as a barometer or physical indicator of what's going on, not only inside us but also around us. When the sun comes out the pigment in our skin can change, making us more tanned. Suddenly the foundation you wore over the Christmas period looks very pasty in the spring sunshine.

The beauty experts tell us that we are supposed to have between two and three different shades of foundation and rotate them around according to the seasons. Generally speaking, over the Christmas period our foundation tends to be thicker, whereas if we continue to wear this throughout the year we risk clogging up our pores and developing blackheads on the nose.

What to Do When Bad Skin Strikes

Unfortunately no matter how meticulous we are with changing to a tinted moisturiser when the weather warms up, or drinking 8 pints of water, we can't escape bad skin. But many of us still want to know, how to get rid of spots? Unfortunately, there isn't one simple straightforward acne cure, but we can recommend that if your skin is getting you down you should seek help. Our expert dermatologists at sk:n clinics can give you a full consultation and help you decide how to look after your skin.

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