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Hair removal for Red Nose Day

16th March 2013

In the lead up to Red Nose Day people find imaginative, often challenging ways to raise money for charities.

The charity needs everyone to take part in order to raise the money to help. Over the years a particularly popular form of entertainment to raise money for charity has become hair removal.

Getting men to have their legs or chest waxed is often something that is encouraged when looking for ways to raise money. Large groups of people often pay money to watch people they know have their legs or chest waxed. Schools and offices for example often get people to donate money to watch others endure the painful procedure. The waxing ‘job’ they do can often result in sore and patchy skin, leaving uneven areas of hair on the body.

If they don't manage to wax your whole chest properly and you want to get it all evened out in a virtually pain free way, then visit one of our sk:n clinics. sk:n clinics have expert dermatologists who can provide laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a form of permanent hair removal, which leaves the skin completely hair free after several treatments. Body hair removal has become more common for men in the last few decades, and therefore coming to our clinics shouldn't be embarrassing. The results are great, and you will be left feeling confident. Visit one of our sk:n clinics today, for a free consultation.

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