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Flawless perfection cheating with Photoshop

27th March 2013

The pressure of the media can put unrealistic expectations on us to achieve flawless complexions. Through computer software like Photoshop the experts are able to play around and use retouching to alter the appearance of your skin.

The Adobe advert released recently pokes fun at this, documenting its brilliant Photoshop feature as being able to drastically alter the images in photographs. The advert mocks the manipulation of images with Photoshop by exaggerating the transformations possible using the package.

However, jokes aside back in 2011 we saw two L'Oreal foundation ads receive harsh backlash for their airbrushing in an attempt to convince the public it was a result of using their products. The adverts were criticized as setting misguided and unrealistic images of women. The two adverts in question were a Julia Roberts Lancôme ad and a Christy Turlington Maybelline ad, both receiving complaints and reported to the Advertising Standards Authority. Acting accordingly, the ASA asked to see the untouched images for the comparison but L'Oreal refused, leaving no alternative but to ban the two adverts.

If you've noticed a red vein on your face or spot here and there, then we want you to know that here at sk:n you can achieve beautiful skin without the airbrushing. We can offer you microdermabrasion and many other skin treatments to help achieve a clear and healthy complexion. Our skin treatments are carried out by expert dermatologists so you can trust you're in safe hands.

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