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Break up don't break out!

9th March 2013

Glamour magazine reported that 2013 would be the year of splitting up.

We’ve seen celebrity breakups from the likes of Michelle Williams, Jason Segal, Rachael McAdams and Michael Sheen. Often couples make it past the dreaded January period and post Christmas blues hoping that February and Valentine’s Day will bring with it a fresh start. However, by the time March pulls through and no further improvement sometimes it’s time to just call it a day.

With the weather getting warmer and Easter approaching, spring can be a great time to rediscover yourself and get back on track. Often when we leave breakups, no matter how emotional they may be, we all want to look attractive and feel good when we get back in the dating game. Feeling confident and comfortable about ourselves is usually down to how we feel about our appearance. Sometimes when the red eyes and late nights seem never-ending your skin can also look tired and make you feel unattractive. Here at sk:n clinics we have rejuvenation treatments that can liven up your complexion.

So if you have recently undergone a bad breakup, or are thinking of leaving a loved one, sk:n clinics can help you build your confidence and get beautiful glowing skin. We offer many facial treatments recommended and carried out by our expert dermatologists so you know you’re in the safest hands. So, don’t waste your time feeling insecure and unattractive and simply click here for a consultation to let us help you feel beautiful again.

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