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April Fools' Day - Pranks gone wrong

25th March 2013

April 1st only means one thing to the tricksters and jokers out there, April Fools’ Day. Not a national holiday, the day is renowned for allowing people to play tricks and pull pranks on one another.

It’s thought that the day originated because of a change in calenders back in the early 16th Century, with the change from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar.

April Fooling rose to popularity around the 18th Century and allows us to invent silly tricks to fool our friends. However, be warned that you have to post your pranks prior to lunch time as we are told “April Fools’ Day is past and gone, you’re the fool and I am none”.

We’ve seen so many April Fools’ pranks over the years, hard boiling eggs and putting them back in the carton, switching sugar for salt and smearing ketchup on our limbs. As funny and entertaining as these may be, sometimes they can have a lasting effect on our hair and skin. For example, it might have been very entertaining at the time to replace moisturiser with hair removal cream, but when your friend is experiencing red irritated skin or patches of uneven hair you need to solve the problem fast.

Don’t panic, there are solutions available. Here at sk:n clinics if you’ve experienced dark spots on your face or irritation as the cause of an unfortunate prank then our expert dermatologists can help you. We can offer a range of treatments like microdermabrasion that will exfoliate and leave your skin looking bright and fresh.

For more information on how you can restore you skin to its former state in order to face work on Tuesday then pop into one of our nearby clinics.

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