Blogs from March 2013

  • How to treat PCOS?

    Polycystic ovary syndrome causes a number of problems for women including unwanted irregular periods, hair, and acne. We don’t want you to feel down by the symptoms of the condition, so we’ve put together some great tips to help you get rid of spots and unwanted hair.... read more

  • How to shave when suffering from severe acne?

    Acne can affect everyone, at any age, but it particularly occurs in hormonal teenagers and young adults, where the oil production in the skin is clogging the facial pores.... read more

  • What causes Keloid scarring?

    Keloid scars are quite common and usually appear when the body's tissue over heals itself.... read more

  • Flawless perfection cheating with Photoshop

    The pressure of the media can put unrealistic expectations on us to achieve flawless complexions. Through computer software like Photoshop the experts are able to play around and use retouching to alter the appearance of your skin.... read more

  • Top iPhone apps for skincare

    In this digital era we're constantly striving to use technology to simplify everyday tasks. Here at sk:n we're particularly interested in the helpful apps out there available to help us in our selection of products and advice on our skincare daily routine.... read more

  • April Fools' Day - Pranks gone wrong

    April 1st only means one thing to the tricksters and jokers out there, April Fools' Day. Not a national holiday, the day is renowned for allowing people to play tricks and pull pranks on one another.... read more

  • What our face tells us about our insides?

    Face mapping is a popular homeopathic approach based on the principle that your skin reflects your internal health. Your face is split into zones with each zone representing a different part of your body.... read more

  • New face creams on the market - tried and tested

    There is an overwhelming amount of face creams on the market so we know it can be difficult to keep up with the number of new ones released every month. With this in mind, it can make finding the right face cream for your skin a difficult process.... read more

  • What makes people sweat more than others

    Everybody reacts in different ways to the effects of their surroundings and daily activities which is one of the reasons why some people sweat more excessively than others.... read more

  • Suffering from Vitiligo?

    What was particularly popular was Graham Norton’s Big Chat, where Mr Norton had a mammoth six hour chat where he aimed to break the world record for the most questions asked on a TV chat show. However, what we’re most interested in here at sk:n clinics is Mr Norton’s skincare as he is a long-term sufferer of vitiligo.... read more

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