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Superhero Skincare

13rd June 2013

Fighting crime, saving lives and flying through the sky, a superhero does so much in a day. Therefore, it's hardly surprising that all this action can bring out a sweat in even the coolest of comic book heroes. You may have heard the latest craze, which is an attempt to target men's skincare through the endorsement of superheroes. Classic comic superhero Captain America features as the new face of anti-ageing products for the skin company Kiehls. We also see Superman actor Henry Cavill showing men everywhere how superheroes maintain that close shave.

It seems a good idea to associate skincare and hair removal with superheroes as it gives male grooming a much more macho approach. In our modern day society, male grooming and hair removal shouldn't be sniffed at, as it's equally if not more important with facial hair removal than women. If like one of these superheroes you've got a hectic lifestyle then you might want to check out more permanent solutions to hair removal and skin treatments. If it's bad skin you're suffering with or you simply want to know how to get rid of acne, then we recommend our skin treatment microdermabrasion to save you the time and money on countless over the counter products. If you can't impress people with your saving abilities or special powers, at least you will be able to impress them with your skin!

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