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Strawberries, Sun Cream & Wimbledon

10th June 2013

So Wimbledon's finally here, one of the best British sporting events of the year! The sporting event brings with it many classic traditions that are repeated every year. So, we've put together a list of “it wouldn't be Wimbledon without...”

It Wouldn't be Wimbledon Without... Rain

It rains almost every year at Wimbledon and we all dread hearing the words “resumed play”. Since 1992 only seven tournaments haven't been interrupted by rain, it started to become so frustrating that a retractable roof was built 2009.

It Wouldn't be Wimbledon Without... Grass

Wimbledon still stands to be the only Grand Slam played on grass, and plenty of research and meticulous maintenance goes into ensuring the pitch is tip-top condition every year.

It Wouldn't be Wimbledon Without... Strawberries & Cream

After the word tennis of course, strawberries and cream are possibly the most associated Wimbledon tradition. During the fortnight as many as 28,000 kilos of strawberries and 7,000 litres of double cream are consumed. But during the competition we also urge you to keep an eye on your sun cream usage. Even on a cloudy day sun exposure can break through the clouds and you need to make sure you protect your skin properly. If you're worried about the previous effects of sun damage then we've got skin treatments that can help. To check out how our skin peels can help simply book yourself in for a consultation.

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