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Simple Tricks to Get Healthy Looking Summer Skin

16th June 2013

Whether you’re staying home or you’re going away to a luxurious hot country, everyone wants to have healthy looking summer skin. In the summer you might want to avoid the hassle of applying loads of make-up and clogging up your skin. If you follow these simple dos and don’ts when picking your summer products you can let your skin breathe.

What To Avoid

  • Using nude lipstick and matt bronzer as these products make your skin and face look dull.
  • Using heavy amounts of powder as this can make wrinkles stand out and skin look older.
  • Overloading your skin with products, the chemicals in each product can react or counteract against one another.

What to Adopt

  • Use tinted moistures and lightweight liquid foundations to make your skin glow and allow room to breathe.
  • Use rose colours on the lip and cheeks as this brightens up the skin.
  • Use tiny amounts of concealers on dark circles and spots.
  • Keep your skin hydrated-by drinking plenty of water.

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