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Secret to Beautiful Flapper Girl Skin

30th June 2013

At the end of May The Great Gatsby hit our screens and what's for sure is it didn't disappoint. Baz Lurhman's adaption of the original 1920's J. Scott Fitzgerald classic offered a fantastic modern twist with a soundtrack featuring the likes of Jay-Z, Will.I.Am and Beyonce.

Carey Mulligan who played the leading role of Daisy Buchanan did the role justice with a beautiful portrayal of the young woman torn between her old sweetheart and her deceitful husband. But what we were most interested in here at sk:n, was the make-up and skin care of Daisy's friend, Jordan Baker who epitomised the true flapper girl style of the era.

Flapper Girl Make-Up

Who ever heard of a flapper girl with bad skin? That's why it's so important to cleanse tone and moisturise your face before applying make-up, as you'll need a clear canvas to work with.

Next, you'll need to apply a thin coat of foundation across your face, covering your lips, so that your lips and skin tone are now the same colour. You'll then need to work on your eyebrows tweezing aggressively to achieve those small yet pristine flapper girl eyebrows, ensuring they turn down at the ends.

When coming to your eye make-up, start by simply applying smudgy smoky eye shadow, finishing off with some dark mascara and some false eyelashes to add glamour.

Finally, to finish off your flapper girl look you'll need to have bright red cupid-bow lips. Ensure your lips are covered in foundation and then take a red lip liner, drawing carefully two small peaks on your top lip. Just be careful though, this look is only successful if you manage to maintain a flapper girl sultry pout all evening, smiling could leave you looking ridiculous.

Make-Up Removal

With all that make-up application you must be meticulous in ensuring you remove it all properly to prevent dirt from building up under the skin. If you'd like more advice on how to look after your skin and acne treatments available, then pop in for a consultation.

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