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Nivea Increases Sun Exposure

12nd June 2013

An Australian article earlier this month openly criticised the irony of a skin care brand advocating spending longer in the sunshine. The skin care brand Nivea took a full-page advert in a Brazilian magazine and covered it in solar panels, with a small mobile phone charging port.

“You Don’t Need To Leave the Sun for Anything”

Nivea's campaign was entered around the tagline “You don't need to leave the sun for anything” also featuring heavily in its YouTube clip. There appears to be a great deal of irony behind the fact that a skin care brand that actively encourages safety in the sun, is promoting a device that prevents sun protection. As all skin experts know, it's so important to seek exposure during the hottest parts of the day, as the chance of sun damaged skin is much higher. Even with the highest of sun factors it's always advisable to stay out of the sun's rays during the hours of 11-3.

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