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New Product to Reduce Hair Growth

3rd June 2013

New skincare products come and go every month; some are hyped up and initially sell out, whereas others launch relatively unnoticed. The latest hair removal product that Boots launched a few months ago has certainly been a talking point. This new product, Inhibitif claims to reduce the density and prominence of body hair and has been circulated on several outdoor billboards.

Inhibitif is a highly concentrated serum for people who want to slow down the growth rate and density of hairs. The product has to be sprayed on to your skin, and rubbed in twice a day. It works by targeting the follicle directly to slow down growth and density, which is based on the triple action approach. To see the best results they advise you to use this product intensely for 2 months and then reduce use after that. Although product reviewers have noticed some difference over a period of time, there have still been a number of criticisms. Some claim the product was ineffective for all hair and skin types, and had to be used alongside other hair removal methods.

If you aren't convinced by this latest product and want guaranteed results then we have the answer with laser hair removal. As well as actually removing your hair, the great thing about this treatment is that it can be used anywhere, not just on your legs. To find out more about laser hair removal arrange an appointment today with a skin expert.

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