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How Do I Know If Microdermabrasion Is Right For My Skin?

8th June 2013

Microdermabrasion isn't just a long word; it's a deeply effective treatment which has brilliant results, but it may not be suitable for everyone. It works by powerfully spraying micro crystals from a high-tech device, which helps to safely remove any dead skin cells. These dead skin cells are then vacuumed away to reveal polished, glowing skin. If you're having to deal with any of the following skin issues: acne scarring, blotchy skin, discolouration, uneven skin tone/texture, white blackheads, blemishes, excessively oily skin, enlarged pores, under eye bags, sun spots and age spots then you could be qualified to undergo the procedure. On the flipside however, if you happen to suffer from active acne, diabetes, eczema, fragile capillaries amongst other medical factors, microdermabrasion may not be suitable for you.

All microdermabrasion journeys begin with a consultation with a highly trained professional that will assess and evaluate whether or not this treatment is the best option for you. At our sk:n clinics, we offer microdermabrasion to those even with sensitive skin and our experts will be more than happy to talk you through the process, answer any questions you have, as well as give you knowledgeable advice on aftercare. You will need to bear in mind that you may need to change your skin care regime in order to maintain the results.

There are certainly many benefits to microdermabrasion - it's a pain-free, non-surgical treatment which can be done on all skin tones and types. You can expect to see fine lines looking less visible, scarring will be faded, a more even skintone, unclogged/smaller pores and much more.

Why not book yourself a consultation at one of our clinics today to stop any second guessing?

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