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Fathers' Day, Famous Fathers That Look Like Brothers

27th June 2013

If you missed Father's Day at the weekend, then you might want to treat your dad to a last minute skin treatment that rolls back the years and leaves him feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Here at sk:n we thought we'd share a couple of our favourite famous fathers that may have had the odd Botox injection to restore their youthful looks.

1. Will Smith

At number one has to be our favourite fresh prince of Bell Air, Will Smith. The actor who has enjoyed success as a musician and a producer is a ripe age of forty four but doesn't look a day over thirty.

2. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt who has his hands full with six children has raised much speculation over going under the knife and having anti-ageing treatments. Pitt, who suffered from acne and had scars back when he started in the industry, now has a very smooth and even skin tone. At forty nine rumours have it that Pitt may have had laser treatments and facial fillers as he has never openly denied the rumours.

3. Johnny Depp

Everyone's favourite maverick Johnny Depp has actually hit the big five O. At the age of fifty, he still looks young whilst looking natural. Although it's likely that Depp may have had some Botox or dermal fillers, he doesn't appear to have had any major work performed on his face and still manages to look natural.

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