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Excessive Eating Means Excessive Skin

26th June 2013

Our skin is an elastic living tissue that expands and contracts as we move and grow. Our skin is comprised of lots of tiny cells that are constantly being lost and replaced. For example, our microdermabrasion treatments eliminate old cells making room for re-growth.

So What Happens When You Lose Weight?

When you lose weight quickly, you may notice loose skin starts appearing. In most cases your skin will eventually start slowly returning to its original state. This is a process than can take up to two years, so here at sk:n we have a few tips.

1. Try to Stint Your Weight Loss

Crash diets and huge amounts of time exercising, can rapidly shed both muscle and fat and therefore create a lot of loose skin. If you try and aim for a steady 1-2 pounds of fat loss per week and incorporate building muscle into your routine you can help stretch the skin.

2. Diet

Two staple ingredients you should include in your diet are collagen and elastin. The protein found in products like cottage cheese, milk and tofu will also help to increase the skin's elasticity.

3. Clinical Treatments

One of the most successful treatments in eradicating saggy and loose skin is thermage. Using a deep radio frequency it heats up the deep layers of collagen in your skin, allowing existing collagen to become more toned and giving off a visibly tighter more contoured appearance to the skin.

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