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Defuzz for Festival Season

1st June 2013

If you were lucky enough to attend Glastonbury last week then you might have battled through with bristly legs. If you're suffering from festival fever then chances are that you’ve come across several survival guides promising to make your experience a smooth one, but did they mention the part about keeping yourself smooth and hair-free?

Sure, you can resort to shaving, waxing and epilators, but as a long-lasting solution in a hectic festival setting, these methods are not your best bet. Permanent hair removal is attainable thanks to laser hair removal. During this effective treatment, a laser is targeted precisely at each hair follicle which halts the growth of hair and produces extremely accurate results. The difference between laser hair removal and IPL laser removal, is that IPL isn't as effective since the energy used is significantly weaker and is mainly limited to those with fairer skin. Laser hair removal is perfect for larger areas of the body such as the legs, we guarantee you'll want to flaunt when you're having a great time at a festival with your friends. It's also nowhere near as painful as waxing and can be customised to fit your skin tone as well as the hair colour.

You won't have to worry about fighting for the showers to be rid of that unsightly stubble re-growth...

Ditch the razor, epilator and those waxing kits and book a consultation with one of our professionally trained sk:n specialists today! We'll ensure that the laser hair removal treatment is tailor-made just for you.

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