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A Comparison Between BB and CC Creams

15th June 2013

Have you heard about BB (beauty balm) and CC (colour correcting) creams? If you haven't they're the latest creams to hit the shelves, combining all your skin needs in one place. If you’re sick of wearing heavy foundations, you might have heard about these light daywear creams known as BB and CC. These beauty creams have been a hit for make-up lovers, tired of using foundation. If you love them, but wish they were more helpful for issues such as redness or skin imperfections, then these CC creams could be for you with the CC standing for colour correct. If you want a little more information on the potential benefits of both BB and CC creams then just read on.

The Benefits of BB Creams

  • High SPF
  • Boost your skin's hydration
  • Contain botanical extracts
  • Help to minimise pore size and fine lines
  • Lighter than foundation

The Negatives of BB Creams

  • Heavier than a tinted moisturiser
  • Don't help dark circles or marks
  • Good for dry flaky skin or normal skin types

The Benefits of CC Creams

  • Removed and refined blemish balm
  • High SPF rating
  • A lighter texture and less oily finish
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Great for those with redness with colour
  • correcting
  • Boosts radiance
  • Added nourishing benefits
  • Good for oily or acne prone skin

The Negatives of CC Creams

  • Doesn't cover up flakiness and dry skin
  • Creates a buttery texture to the skin and creates a need to apply loose powder
  • Claims to be waterproof but smudges after swimming

Whilst both BB and CC creams provide coverage and some excellent skin benefits. If you really want radiant skin with reduced imperfections we suggestion you invest in a more permanent solution. Get rid of your tired, damaged and dead skin cells, with microdermabrasion, a pain free treatment with amazing results. If you're thinking, does microdermabrasion work? Yes it's great for treating a range of skin problems and leaves you with more permanent results than skin creams. Visit your local sk:n clinic for a consultation with one of our skin experts today!

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