Blogs from June 2013

  • Secret to Beautiful Flapper Girl Skin

    Carey Mulligan who played the leading role of Daisy Buchanan did the role justice with a beautiful portrayal of the young woman torn between her old sweetheart and her deceitful husband. But what we were most interested in here at sk:n, was the makeup and skin care of Daisy’s friend, Jordan Baker who epitomised the true flapper girl style of the era.... read more

  • The Five Weirdest Anti-Aging Treatments

    The Five Weirdest Anti-Aging Treatments from Snail Power to Sniffing Grapefruits.... read more

  • Fathers' Day, Famous Fathers That Look Like Brothers

    If you missed Father's Day at the weekend, then you might want to treat your dad to a last minute skin treatment that rolls back the years and leaves him feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Here at sk:n we thought we'd share a couple of our favourite famous fathers that may have had the odd anti-ageing injections® injection to restore their youthful looks.... read more

  • Excessive Eating Means Excessive Skin

    Our skin is an elastic living tissue that expands and contracts as we move and grow. Our skin is comprised of lots of tiny cells that are constantly being lost and replaced. For example, our microdermabrasion treatments eliminate old cells making room for re-growth. ... read more

  • Skin Peels, Step By Step

    Skin peels can sound scary, especially as we panic when we get sunburnt and peel in the sunshine. It then seems bizarre to actually pay for a treatment that makes our skin peel. So what actually happens when you go for a skin peel?... read more

  • Youthful Skin at the Glamour Awards 2013

    Every year the much loved and well read Glamour magazine has its women's awards. The awards up for grabs range across a number of categories from best TV personality to woman of the decade.... read more

  • What Happens During Laser Hair Removal?

    So you've heard about laser hair removal being effective for long term hair removal. Is the word laser putting you off, or do you want some more information on the popular hair removal treatment before giving it a go?... read more

  • Avoid Dairy, Avoid Acne

    Evidence shows that there could be a direct connection between over consumption of diary and acne. As our sugar and dairy consumption has upped over the past 100 years, so has the amount of people who suffer from acne.... read more

  • How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

    If you want to reduce or eliminate hair growth we recommend you choose the best hair removal treatment, laser hair removal. Our skin experts regularly get asked if preparation is needed before undertaking laser hair removal treatments. Before you put yourself forward for a treatment make sure you voice any potential concerns you may have about the treatment.... read more

  • Protect Your Baby?s Skin

    When the sun does make an appearance in the UK or you take your baby abroad looking after them and their skin is always a worry for parents, especially new parents. As babies can’t regulate their own body temperature properly it is vital to make sure that your baby doesn’t suffer in these conditions.... read more

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