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Why You Shouldn't Touch or Squeeze Spots!

18th July 2013

When you have spots, you just want to get rid of them instantly. They're painful, unsightly, irritating and often take time to go away. Whilst we know it is tempting to touch or squeeze them, this has the opposite effect to the one you desire. Squeezing spots is in fact the worst thing you can do and will prevent them from healing. The reason for this is that this causes you to break down the natural skin barrier and when you touch them you spread the bacteria from your hands onto your skin.

A spot is a pore that has been inflamed, and can be caused by bacteria, hormones or your immune system. When you squeeze a spot, this actually makes the bacteria in the pore go deeper and subsequently makes the inflammation a lot worse. If you do automatically pick, squeeze or touch your spots this could result in them leaving permanent scars on your skin.

If you have been left with permanent scarring as a result of your previous skin-touching habits, Microdermabrasion could be for you. This treatment is regularly referred to as plastic surgery without the surgery, and removes the dead layer of skin cells.

You might feel like you're in a losing battle with your skin, and if your spots are really getting you down then we recommend you come and visit us at your local sk:n clinic. Our expert dermatologists will be able to advise you on how laser acne treatments such as Isolaz and other acne treatments can help you get clear skin.

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