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Touch-down Looking Radiant

16th July 2013

Jet setting across cities, countries and continents is something we look forward to all year round. In all the excitement you may forget about your skin. To ensure you don't, we have thought of some of our best tips on staying radiant and avoiding skin problems whilst you're up in the clouds.

Before the Flight

Just like booking the taxi to the airport, remembering the flight information and your passport, you need to ensure your skincare regime is all organised before you travel. Depending on which luggage you're taking, you may need to buy miniatures or transfer your favourite products into smaller bottles or containers. Our advice is that you shouldn't suddenly change your preferred everyday products when you go away, as this can cause havoc with your skin. You need to make sure you're getting the right nutrients and vitamins before you travel too, so your skin has the best chance of preventing the release of excess oil, eliminating dark circles or drying out.

During the Flight

When you get on the plane make sure you moisturise with a hydrating moisturiser to combat the plane air and drink lots of water. Drinking lots of water is really important so that you avoid dehydrating and the after affects it causes to your skin. Whether you're incredibly excited about your travel plans, getting home to see your loved ones or you think you should take advantage of the in flight entertainment, remember that your skin needs sleep to stay beautiful. Although it might be difficult to walk around on board you need to make sure you move your legs, arms and stretch to avoid getting muscle problems or blood clots.

Touch Down

When you arrive at your destination, cleanse, wash and tone your face to restore its natural balance, and don't forget to apply moisturiser. If you reach a sunny climate, remember to apply a moisturiser or cream with SPF so you're protected. BB and CC creams are great, because they will help to remove any dark spots that the flight might have left you with.

If you regularly travel on long flights, or your recent travelling adventures is leaving your skin with various skin conditions, then sk:n clinics can help. Your local sk:n clinic has expert dermatologists who can give you a consultation to decide what your skin is most in need of. If you think your skin could do with skin treatments such as the the popular acne treatment Microdermabrasion, skin peels, or one of our other acne treatments options, contact us today.

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