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There's an App for That

5th July 2013

If you're considering having an anti-wrinkle treatment we understand that you want to get as much information and advice beforehand, and you'll be particularly interested in how you'll look after the treatment.

Our skin experts can always help you in telling you the effects of the treatments on your skin condition, as well as giving you a rough idea of how the treatment will change your appearance. However, you might want the ability to see the changes. There is currently an app on the market that claims to show you just this. You might be interested in checking this out in the lead up to your consultation...

The app is called 'Plastic Surgery with Dr. Milliar'. Dr Millar is one of New York's most popular facial plastic surgery experts, which is why he has created the app which allows you to find out more about treatments and see before and after pictures. You can even use a picture of yourself to get a more accurate result in how your treatment of choice will change your face. Whilst the app is a good idea, as it gives you a rough indication of how facial plastic surgery works, it is not designed to replace medical advice, for that we suggest you head to one of our sk:n clinics.

Of course all of our treatments are non-surgical but we offer a number of different anti-wrinkle treatments, all designed to make your skin look younger and firmer. Our Fraxel dual laser treatment is recommended by our expert medical team because of its ability to adapt to your skin and give you the outcome you desire. Once you have had the treatment it will leave immediate results, which actually show more over time as this is a long lasting treatment. Come on, let's grow old gracefully, click here for more information on anti-ageing treatments.

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