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Prom Time-Skin Worries

8th July 2013

All the stress of exams is over, you're moving on and it's your last chance to celebrate with everyone you've spent your years of education with. On a night where expectations and emotions are high, the last thing you want to worry about is how your skin looks. However, you've spent the last few months indoors, stressed out and this is likely to have left your skin with blemishes. Don't let your self-consciousness hold you back at prom.

Whilst most of our treatments aren't recommended for under 18's, if your prom is for the end of college or university then we would recommend you go for a skin consultation to find out how to get rid of spots with treatments such as our microdermabrasion acne treatment. Our skin experts can decide if this treatment is right for your skin, and they will be able to advise you on other tips and the best treatments for acne.

Skin has a number of clinics that specialise in teenage skin, and the problems caused by hormones, high levels of skin oil and acne. It is important to deal with teenage and young adult skin problems in the right way to avoid future problems such as scars, blemishes or other forms of skin damage. So if your local skin clinic offers advice and treatments for under 18's you can book a consultation.

Get glammed up, put on your suit and tie, or beautiful dress and enjoy your evening without worrying about blemishes. Remember in years to come you'll only have the memories of how much fun you had, and not how you felt about oily skin.

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