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Instagram and Snapchat - The Rise of the Selfie

28th July 2013

Whatever age you are it is likely that you sometimes worry or are self conscious about the way you look. Today, the pressure is on us more than ever, not only from the media and our peers, but also from technology. Yes, that's right thanks to the growing popularity of Instragram and Snapchat selfies we've become more concerned than ever about how we look. The Telegraph has reported that 30% of photos taken by British 18-24 year olds are indeed selfies.

So What’s a Selfie?

A ‘selfie’ is a picture of your face taken by yourself - which you look ‘so good’ in that you ‘just have to’ circulate it to friends, followers and just about any audience you can get. Depending on your age, how many ‘likes’ this gets you can have a huge effect on how you feel about yourself. Of course we can't say if these channels have bought out a generation's narcissistic tendencies, but today's young adults are heading that way.

Whilst we don't encourage selfies, narcissism or the need for validation, we know that everyone feels self conscious sometimes and wants to look their best. Unfortunately skin sometimes has ‘imperfections’ which might encourage you to seek skin treatments and advice.

A problem that many teenagers and young adults face is how to remove their spots. Although we don't think spots make you look less beautiful, we understand why you would want to invest in acne treatments. For this reason, we recommend you visit your local sk:n clinic, where our expert dermatologists can advise you on the best acne treatment. Look good for yourself, you don't need validation!

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