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I Wish I Knew What I Know Now, When I Was Younger...

24th July 2013

Recent studies published in the journal, ‘Psychological Medicine’ have shown that people aged 50 score better at mental testing if they exercise regularly. The study assessed 9,000 individuals from the age of 11 onwards, and found that those who exercised two to three times per month or more from age 11 onwards scored higher than those who had not. As a result of this everyone is encouraged by the government to exercise for at least 150 minutes a week.

The benefits of exercise don’t just stop at what they can do for your brain; it can also help you to look younger. Regular exercise will help with weight loss, fighting off sagging skin, firming the muscles, improving circulation, encouraging blood flow, and helping posture. All of which affect the visible appearance of your skin.

If you think the effects of aging have already started to appear and want to go back to having line free, smooth glowing skin, our sk:n clinics offer a number of anti-ageing treatments. If you want a quick and convenient way to rid yourself of lines and wrinkles then consider anti-wrinkle injections.

One of our most popular injections is Juvedérm, which works by injecting hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance found in human skin that encourages repair to damaged tissue. The benefit of Juvedérm over other anti-aging treatment injections is that its composition means it leaves the skin much smoother than other injections. To find out more book a consultation with a skin expert at your local clinic.

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