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How Much Does Being In Love With a Metrosexual Man Cost You?

19th July 2013

Whether you've been trying to train him to be the ‘Becks’ in your life, or he has always been conscious about looking after himself, metrosexual men come at a cost. He might have started off occasionally borrowing your 'age protection' moisturiser, or just stealing your bath products, but this can quickly escalate and it all adds up. If your man is now more like David Beckham than ever before, and is still using your products, this is likely to come at a hefty cost.

How Much are Men Spending?

Thanks to your love for David Beckham, and fresh smelling products that leave you looking radiant, men are now using over £234 worth of their partners skin-care products. They might look great, but we bet you’re thinking it’s not worth that much of your money! 46.6% of British women have said that they now catch their man using their products every day.

How Can I Persuade Him to Spend His Own Money?

We might all be thankful that men have ‘evolved’ by developing a skin care regime, but many of them still haven't got their ‘goldenballs’ in gear to purchase their own products. It has been suggested that some men are still avoiding shopping, and not having the knowledge about which male products to buy.

If your man wants to have fresh and radiant skin, but doesn't want to spend time shopping or deciding which products to buy then they should consider Microdermabrasion. This treatment leaves your skin looking healthier and even works on previously neglected and damaged skin. Your man can even get skin product tips from our expert dermatologists to use after the treatment. Book him in at your local sk:n clinic for a skin consultation today. Just make sure he pays.

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