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How Do I Know I'm Burning Before I Go Red?

17th July 2013

Returning home from your holidays with a healthy glow is the aim; returning home looking like the lobster you had for dinner last night is not. Whilst you might always remember to put sun block on before you hit the beach, it is difficult to guarantee that you've put on enough - and one with the correct SPF on, which could leaving you both in pain and red.

Signs of Burning

Unfortunately your skin going red, blistering and peeling are some of the last signs of sunburn and won’t occur until you’re already badly burnt, which is why you have to act before it is too late.

Tips To Avoid Sun Damaged Skin:

  • Regularly apply and re-apply sun block
  • Ensure you re-apply sun cream again at the hottest part of the day
  • Always re-apply sun cream if you go in the water, preferably water-resistant sun cream
  • Make sure the factor you're using is a high enough SPF for your skin
  • If you're out in the most intense period of heat (between 11-3pm) make sure you cover up and seek shade
  • Wear loose cool clothing in hotter temperatures
  • Be particularly careful of sensitive areas of the skin
  • Don't sit or lie in the sun for long periods of time - try not to fall asleep under the sun
  • Act before it's too late

If you do end up burning, turning red, blistering and peeling, our expert dermatologists at sk:n are on hand to help treat your sun damaged skin. Treat tired, damaged and aged looking skin with Laser resurfacing. This treatment will make it look smoother, more even, and more beautiful.

This straightforward treatment will help rejuvenate your sunburnt skin to look even healthier than before. Although the treatment will require a local or general anaesthetic and aftercare, after a few weeks your skin will be left looking natural and feeling a lot better. If you're suffering from the effects of sun damage, and you're tired of your dull looking skin then visit your local sk:n clinic for a skin consultation with one of our expert dermatologists.

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