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Gorgeous Green Fingers

30th July 2013

Rain or shine, if you have a garden it will need maintaining to keep it looking beautiful. For many people this is something they enjoy doing themselves, especially in the warmer months. However, although gardening might keep your flowers looking beautiful it doesn’t have such a great affect on your delicate hands. Hands are often one of the key signs to aging and so it’s important we look after them.

When you’re working outside you should always wear special heavy cloth gardening gloves, as these will protect you from scrapes, scratches and rashes. Your hands can get very dry, which can leave them feeling and looking worn out. We suggest applying a moisturiser before and after gardening, to protect and help to repair them. If you find that all the hard work has left your delicate hands feeling rough then exfoliating can help them to regain their softness.

Of course, your hands are only one of the places where signs of aging show. Thankfully the experts at skin are here to help advise you on a number of anti aging skin care treatments. Your local sk:n clinic has expert dermatologists who will be able to assess your area of concern and recommend one of our skin treatments to banish those tell tale lines.

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