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Don't Delay Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Today

26th July 2013

Wouldn’t life be easier if the only place women grew hair was on their heads? Unwanted hair removal takes up precious time in every woman’s life. Although some areas are easier to make smooth than others, certain areas are a lot more difficult and time consuming, and more likely to evoke embarrassment in women.

Don’t Be Embarrassed By Asking for Help

Facial hair removal is still a taboo for some women, which means that getting information on the best ways to deal with it is often difficult and can lead you to feel embarrassed or helpless.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone as here at sk:n we regularly treat women with facial hair and have great results in removing it. Our aim is to make you feel and look your best, and answer any questions or worries you have. Although lots of do-it-yourself products are available on the market, some of them can have adverse affects, not work properly, and will be extremely time consuming.

We recommend that you visit a skin expert for facial hair removal as it is such a delicate area, and we know that our laser hair removal treatment guarantees results. The best option for facial hair removal is sk:n’s laser hair removal as this is an almost painless, high quality and very effective process.

During the course of the treatment we will check that it is suitable for your skin type, answer any questions you have and make sure you feel totally at ease before we begin treating you. Visit your local sk:n clinic today, and book yourself in for a skin consultation. We want to ensure you feel secure in your skin!

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