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Belgian Woman's Tattoo Nightmare Finally Gets Removed

1st July 2013

After almost four years, star struck Kimberly Vlaminck had to undergo a total of nine laser tattoo removal treatments to regain her appearance pre tattoo. In 2009, she made international headlines after a constellation of the 56 stars was inked onto the entire left side of her face. She had initially lied to her parents and the media saying that she had asked her local tattooist for only three stars around her eyes. She claimed that she had fallen asleep during the tattoo session and woke up to her worst nightmare. She accused the tattoo artist of adding more and more stars whilst she was asleep.

The young Belgian woman started having her laser tattoo removal in 2010 to regain her natural ink-free skin. Three years later, the results of these treatments have been fantastic as she now has a scar-free and blemish-free face. Laser tattoo removal is a safe procedure which breaks up the ink within the skin into tiny particles. Working with the body, these particles are then removed by the immune system.

If you can somehow relate to this tattoo nightmare and have the feeling of regret haunting you, laser tattoo removal is the way to go! If you've had any tattoos done, you should be familiar with the stinging sensation and discomfort that can be involved. This procedure isn't as intimidating as it sounds. It can be uncomfortable and mildly painful, but this can easily be relieved using local anaesthetic creams.

In this young lady's case, the tattoo removal before and after results has been both brilliant and effective. Book a consultation with one of our sk:n specialists to find out more on how you can remove a tattoo you regret.

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