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Battle of the Bums

6th July 2013

Sk:n can't make you sing like Rihanna, or have Rita Ora's wardrobe but we can make your bum good enough to wear those denim hot pants or that bikini on the beach. Rita Ora recently commented on being compared to Rihanna in the press. She said she found Rihanna incredible, but mentioned their differences, including her love and jealously of Rihanna's bottom. Whatever your view is on celebrity bottoms, if your bum needs skin tightening, to help you with that extra bit of body confidence then we can help!

Whilst there are many long term strategies for getting the perfect bottom, these all require lifestyle changes such as increasing and changing your exercise regime combined with adapting your diet. If you want a quicker solution then our skin experts have the treatment for you. Have you heard of Sculptra? This is treatment has recently come onto the market and is used to remove signs of ageing by tightening the skin and removing the fat. Although it might sound scary it is done through injections, which leave you instantly looking and feeling more slender. So you can dance under the lights like Rihanna and be proud of your behind.

If this sounds like the look you want to achieve, book yourself in for a consultation at one of our national skin clinics. They can explain the way the treatment works, how it will benefit you, as well as discussing any side effects. We like to assure all our clients who are interested in this bum boosting treatment that it works in a natural way encouraging a rejuvenating response in your body. Book a skin consultation now to find out more from our skin experts.

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