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Avoid Skin Infections with Laser Hair Removal

21st July 2013

With the recent heat wave that we've been experiencing, hair removal is undoubtedly in fashion. Less hair doesn't just help you cool down, but hair-free skin is also the top choice for those who like to expose their bodies. Whether you prefer shaving or waxing, it's worth knowing that dermatologists have pointed out the health problems possibly caused by hair follicle traumas.

There's a viral skin condition known as ‘molluscum contagiosum’, (yes - you can probably tell from the name that this is indeed something that's unfortunately contagious) which causes small and itchy raised spots or papules on the skin surface. This skin problem can be passed on by touching contaminated items including towels, clothing and even from direct skin to skin contact.

Shocking Studies Show

In the last 10 years, the number of people who have developed molluscum contagiosum after sexual contact has increased. After carrying out a study in France between January 2011 and March 2012, dermatologists have discovered the connection between pubic hair removal and other sexually transmitted infections. Their findings show that 93% of the patients in the study had their pubic hair removed with 70% of these patients opting for shaving as their preferred method, 13% had their pubic hair clipped whilst 10% preferred to wax.

Although the very small study which only involved 30 patients hasn't led to firm and proven conclusions, the results suggest that some methods of hair removal can potentially be a risk factor for contracting molluscum contagiosum as well as other STIs. The researchers have recommended that other methods of hair removal including laser hair removal could be safer. So don't risk further embarrassment of nasty infections and try laser hair removal today!

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