Blogs from January 2013

  • Look great in 2013

    If you have made a resolution to look your best in 2013, then maybe you are trying to lose a few pounds and revamp your wardrobe. With non-surgical skin treatments, you can give your whole body and face a makeover too without having to resort to drastic action such as going under the knife.... read more

  • Is laser hair removal embarrassing?

    Having hair in unwanted places can be embarrassing. Whether the hair is on your legs, arms or face, if it is prominent and making you feel self-conscious then you probably wish there was some way you could get rid of this hair.... read more

  • Transform your skin with facial rejuvenation

    Wrinkles, crow's feet, acne, scars and spots can make us all feel uncomfortable about our skin. If you feel un-confident when you look in the mirror, then you can improve your skin's appearance with facial rejuvenation.... read more

  • How long does laser hair removal last?

    Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive medical procedure which, if administered by skin expert dermatologists, can give up to 90% reduction in hair growth.... read more

  • Get the results you dream of with laser hair removal

    Want to feel body beautiful, hair-free and confident? Laser hair removal is now a popular skin treatment for both men and women, looking to remove unwanted hair. It is a safe and effective treatment which helps to maintain hair-free skin.... read more