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Will Emmanuelle Riva get a birthday Oscar?

20th February 2013

The 24th of February will celebrate the 85th Academy Award ceremony of the Oscars, one of the most prestigious ceremonies for actors and actresses around the globe. However, this year the awards could shake up quite a reaction if certain nominations and predictions fall true. If Argo wins it's nomination for the best film without it's director being nominated then it will be the first time since 1989.

Similarly, if the beautiful Emannuelle Riva wins Best Actress in Amour then she will be not only the oldest Best Actress in history, but also celebrating her 86th birthday on the same day as the Oscars! With a nomination for Best Actress and a Best Picture nomination for her film Amour it's almost certain we'll be seeing plenty of Emannuelle. Poor Emannuelle was reported saying recently "When the Oscars are over, I want a rest." Despite feeling the pressures and strains of old age we can't help but admire the fantastic youthful appearance of Mrs Riva.

French beauty Emannuelle has clearly looked after her skin throughout the years and we can learn a lot from her. It's likely that by liberally applying SPF and moisturising regularly that her skin has managed to restore its healthy glow. There are however a few things we can't help but notice on Miss Riva's complexion, her defined jaw line and taut skin seem to suggest she's had a few minor skin treatments to aid her on the way to looking youthful. What's great is that it appears natural and barely noticeable unless we're really looking hard. If you're feeling inspired by the classical beauty of our older ladies and fancy seeing what sk:n clinics could do for you in shaving years off your age then simply click here for a consultation.

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