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Why should you make a lenten promise?

20th February 2013

Last week we went pancake crazy, Facebook flourished with photos of our floury attempts and happy pancake day trended all over Twitter. Many of us took to the kitchen to show off pancake skills that would give IHOP a run for their money. Some of us just enjoy partaking in the fun but for others clearing your cupboard of sugary fatty ingredients is important preparation for the beginning of lent.

If you find yourself moaning about feeling obligated to give up something you love for lent then let's look at the positives. Firstly, if your New Year's resolution died a death in mid January - for example, how many of us made it all the way through dry January? Treat lent as a second chance for your resolutions, no pun intended. Secondly, just think of the financial benefits you can gain, especially if you're giving up an expensive habit like smoking or drinking. The most common things we give up for lent tend to be the things we know deep down are unhealthy and wish we didn't rely so heavily on. To name a few (asides from smoking and alcohol): sugary drinks, fried food and sweets and chocolate.

Although lent might seem a daunting prospect to those of us who insist on our multiple cups of coffee to get us through the day, think of the amazing benefits on your skin. If you prove to yourself that you can make it to Easter without breaking your Lenten promise then it's likely you'll feel not just a sense of achievement but that your skin will feel rejuvenated and reap the benefits of a healthy lent too.

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