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Victoria Beckham battles bad acne

12nd February 2013

Recently, the media has been rejoicing the Beckhams return to home soil, but how will Victoria cope without her Hollywood treatments?

As a celebrity who is well known for struggling with her skin, it will be interesting to see where she chooses when searching for her skincare treatments. One would assume that the difference between the Spice Girl and your regular acne suffering means she can afford expensive treatments that simply aren't accessible to us. However, this simply isn't true. Here at sk:n clinics we offer laser resurfacing at a reasonable price, making it even more straight forward and affordable.

Victoria Beckham is a polycystic ovary sufferer, which means as a side effect she suffers from bad skin and has, over the years, had countless acne treatments to get rid of it. During her time in Hollywood she has experienced the best clinics and experts' money can buy, and now she's heading back to England she will no doubt be demanding the same results.

The weird and wonderful celebrity skincare secrets which have been linked to Mrs Beckham range from bird poo to Botox, but there is certainly an easier way. If Victoria decides to pay a visit to any of her fellow WAGS while she's in Liverpool, she can stop off at sk:n's Bold Street clinic, no nests or needles needed.

sk:n in the northern city offer the treatment best described as having plastic surgery without the plastic or the surgery. It ensures patients get a healthy, youthful and fresh glow and is ideal for anyone suffering from acne scars or other skin damage. Here at sk:in clinics we perform high-tech laser treatments, skin peels and a variety of other options devised by experts in the field. Like Victoria Beckham, don't settle for second best and make sure your appointments are only with the best medical experts, and remember you don't have to pay Hollywood A-list prices.

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